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Check out our album Months of Wild below!!
Flashpoint run

Flashpoint Run formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2017. The band consists of lead singer Danny Rossi, lead guitarist Jared Humphrey, guitarist/keyboardist Seth McClaine, bassist Darrin Tarasovich and drummer Brice Taylor. 

The band released their second album, Months of Wild, in May 2023, with 8 new original songs. The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music and most other streaming platforms.

Former lead guitarist and founding member Brian Bastos left the band in February 2023 after finishing recording on Months of Wild.

The band's sound is one that they describe as indie/pop/rock. The inclusion of a wide range of synth sounds gives their songs an eclectic taste of other genres as well. 

In their debut album Worlds on Fire, the band released ten original songs. Worlds on Fire was made available to the public in October 2019.

The band mostly performs in and around Pittsburgh.

Months of Wild
Tracks from our new album
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